From Land to Legacy

Our mission is to provide our clients the opportunity to create a legacy for themselves, their companies, and their families through the acquisition or disposition of land.


By placing a focus on establishing a long-term client relationship instead of transactions, our team is devoting their focus, hard work, and attention to our client’s needs. Whether you are considering selling your land or are searching for the most profitable investment, our team is happy to share our knowledge in order to present to you all of your options. With our expertise, we will work to provide valuable insight to identify opportunities to maximize your investment.
With new residential and commercial development encouraging record-high economic growth within the state, now is the time to let RPRE work for you by making us your trusted real estate partner.

Our Company Values






It is our goal that our company values direct us in every decision, interaction, and deal.

Our Latest Properties

Buying With RPRE

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Understanding Your Goals

With our experience, we know what to ask in order to fully understand what your goal for the property is. Our goal is to match the property to the goals, not the other way around.


Identify The Right Property

Through years of market data, research, and knowledge, we will identify a list of potential property that suits your needs and your goals. Through our long-term area relationships, we will find the right property for you even if it is off the market!


Negotiating The Right Deal

With upwards of 15+ years of our team’s experience, we will negotiate your contract to get you the best deal with a high rate of return!


Closing The Deal

With our proven and tested systems, we will keep you up to date the entire transaction & walk you through the closing process. Our goal is a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Buy Land, They Aren’t Making Any More of It

Like the famous quote by Mark Twain, Land is one of our country’s most precious and valuable resources. Our extensive experience and expertise in our local market will benefit you whether you are looking to buy or sell! Our goal is to make your experience as efficient and pleasurable as possible.

What We Provide

Land Acquisition and Disposition

Providing our clients a resource in executing their land objectives both in urban and suburban areas.

Industrial Land

Finding a solution for our clients within the manufacturing, warehousing, & distribution industry.

Investment Sales

Assisting our clients through risk mitigation through the acquisition and disposition of their portfolios in order to maximize value.

Farm and Ranch

Facilitating our clients in the rural properties, whether it be to acquire more land or to sell for maximum profit.


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